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Dear friends,


new prayer book has been published in Czech!

The prayer book is in A6 format and contains 35 prayers, of which approximately 75 percent are prayers that have not been translated into Czech previously.

You can order the prayer book via email at


Price: 1 pc – 20 CZK, 5 pcs – 75 CZK

Postage: paid by addressee

Books can also be picked up at the Bahá’í Center in Prague with prior agreement.

With best regards and prayers,

Training Institute Board







Dear friends,


We would like to share with you a few stories about junior youth. Before we do that, we would like to bring your attention to a quotation from the letter that the Universal House of Justice sent to all National Spiritual Assemblies. It is the closing paragraph of the letter and it speaks about the great potential of young people who, as teachers of children classes or animators, provide spiritual education to the rising generations and are thus strengthening the moral foundations of their communities. The House of Justice makes it clear that it is the young people who possess the capacity to change the world.


“In closing, we feel compelled to address a few words to training institutes throughout the world: It should be remembered that the Baha'i children's class teacher and the junior youth group animator, entrusted with so much responsibility for strengthening the moral foundations of the community, will, in most places, be a young person in his or her teens. Increasingly these young people will emerge, it can be expected, from the junior youth spiritual empowerment programme imbued with a strong 12 December twofold purpose, both to develop their inherent potentialities and to contribute to the transformation of society. But they may also come from any one of a number of educational backgrounds with all the hope in their hearts that, through strenuous concerted effort, the world will change. Irrespective of particulars, they will, one and all, share in the desire to dedicate their time and energy, talents and abilities, to service to their communities. Many, when given the opportunity, will gladly devote a few years of their lives to the provision of spiritual education to the rising generations. In the young people of the world, then, lies a reservoir of capacity to transform society waiting to be tapped. And the release of this capacity should be regarded by every institute as a sacred charge.”


We believe that these words will be a source of inspiration for all of us, whether we are involved in spiritual education of children or trying to empower the junior youth, whether we are helping to find young people who would like to dedicate their time to this precious service, or whether we support the whole process by prayers. We will be happy to hear any news about your experience in this field as well as about your learning from the study circles your are involved in.


With loving greetings,


The Board of Training Institutes