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Training Institute

In analyzing the rapid changes occurring in the world today, Bahá’ís identify two parallel processes operating at all levels—village, town, nation, and global society. On the one hand, it is clear that human society is suffering from a process of disintegration that manifests itself in wars, terrorism, chaos, physical and psychological insecurity, and a widespread condition of material poverty. On the other hand, forces of integration are moving individuals and groups toward the adoption of new values, new forms of organization, and appropriate structures that can lay the foundation for the establishment of a new social order. The Ruhi Institute defines its basic aim as that of becoming a channel for the spiritual forces of our time to be applied to the lives of the masses of humanity, empowering them to contribute to the establishment of a new world civilization.



The Board of Training Institute would like to invite friends, who are interested in the precious service as animators of Junior Youth Groups or assist in establishing and conducting them, to the training on Ruhi Book 5.

Term: 8 -10 May 2009 and 22 – 24 May 2009 (6 days in total)
Tutor: Elham Ettehadieh from Austria
Venue: to be confirmed (most likely in Cantral Bohemian cluster)
Registration deadline: 31.3.2009 (at srsv@bahai.cz or 607 237 210 - Irena)

The training will be conducted in English, books will be available both in the English and in the Czech language.

We believe that the training will help the participants in their endeavour to “help young people form a strong moral identity in their early adolescent years and empower them to contribute to the well-being of their communities.”

With loving greetings,

The Board of Training Institutes in the Czech Republic


Dear friends and co-workers,

We are sending you our most heartfelt greetings and would like to share with you the news and experiences of the last few months.

Possibly the most significant news is that all three priority clusters in the Czech Republic began, this year, their three month cycles of planning, activity and evaluation, which from now on will define the pattern of cluster development. Each of such phases begins with several days of intensive activities in the field of direct teaching of the Faith, followed by a consolidation phase, within which friends deepen the Faith of the newly declared believers, develop relationships with new contacts and continue in their teaching activities. During this time friends are encouraged to be actively involved in one day intensive projects, focused on direct teaching, home visits, sharing of spiritual themes in daily conversations and so on.

In the autumn months the intensive phases took place in all three priority clusters – Central Bohemia, South Bohemia and South Moravia – with support of friends from all corners of the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. The fact that during those intensive and consolidation phases 5 souls have found their way to Baha’u’llah is by far not the only encouraging result. What brings even more joy to our hearts is seeing how those people are naturally drawn into the process of growth and of teaching the Faith. We also witness how youth and adult believers „enter the teaching field with trepidation“ and find themselves “bolstered by confirmations on all sides”, “they witness first hand the power of Divine assistance”  and “achieve results far exceeding their expectations.” It is just as encouraging to see how the Baha’i community continues to open up the world around it and in the most natural way involves friends of the Faith in its activities, thus allowing them to arise and serve together with their Baha’i friends.

We would like to point out that all these activities, which are still quite new for us, offer co-workers, that is, friends who are involved in the institute process, numerous opportunities to use and improve the skills gained while studying the sequence of the Ruhi books. This studying, that for a number of us was far more academic or theoretical in nature in its early beginnings, with time reveals an entirely new meaning and helps friends arise and walk the path of service to the Cause.

To close, we would like to once again remind you of the good news that in February we will have an opportunity to join the believers from all over the world in one of a series of 41 conferences to “celebrate the feats already achieved during the Plan” and to “deliberate on its current exigencies.” At the moment over 2500 friends have already registered for the conference, including 70 from our country and more are certainly considering joining.

We all look forward to the spiritual energy and inspiration from this conference will manifest itself in acts of service, the news of which will fill the pages of our newsletter.

With love,

Your Training Institute Board