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In the end of September, the youth of Czech Republic gathered in the picturesque village of Lounovovice pod Blanikem.

The entire gathering was facilitated in a friendly and warm atmosphere, the weekend went by very fast.


Lounovice turned out to be a very nice meeting point. Friends from all over the country arrived refreshed, and not too tired - since Lounovice is only an hour drive South from Prague, the friends from South Bohemia and Brno only travelled around two hours. Not bad for a national meeting!


All participants were accomodated in one building, in six separate rooms. The facilities had enough meeting rooms, so that each group could have their own spot.


The program was indeed very diverse. In the morning, we would start the days with some prayers and some singing. Throughout the day we would be split up into smaller groups of around five friends. These groups enjoyed learning about Junior Youth Groups, Childrens classes, the concept of life after death, service, History of the Faith, or simply deepening ones understanding and knowledge. Our day was very diverse, apart from studying and deepening ourselves, we had activities such as a hike to the woods. Other friends chose to socialize, build new friendships or deepen the current. Each day we would end with some prayers and reflections.


This meeting was attended by over 30 the Bahai friends from South Bohemia (largely represented by Townshend students and staff), the Prague comunity wasnt missing, and last but not least, a large delegation of friends from Brno.


Overall, it was an epic success and the foundation for future national youth meetings. In fact, the next meeting will take place in the end of November, and it will be international! The friends from Czech Republic will be the good company of our buddies from Slovakia.