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Letter from TI Board (august 2007)

At the beginning of September you received an email from the Board of the training institute with News referring to just finished Let us Ruhi. Articles and photos here!

The whole programme was attended by over forty Bahá’ís from all clusters, including ten children, who were lovingly taken care of by Georgia and Sarah from Brno, thereby making the parents and tutors perfectly content. Some friends refreshed their already gained skills from one of the books, fifteen friends moved in the sequence of courses one book up and three of them completed book 7 and are prepared to open new study circles.

One of the most important aspects of Let us Ruhi with the greatest effect on all those who participated was practising the presentation of key concepts of the Bahá’í faith (sometimes amicably called Anna’s presentation >:-)) ) not only among themselves, but also with friends from the local community. This experience encouraged us for our everyday life to actively search for opportunities to share the fundamental truths that Bahá’u’lláh has entrusted us with.

Let us Ruhi is over, but of course it has not been the only activity planned by the training institute. In July the Board consulted its plans with the National Spiritual Assembly, one of whose goals is to have at least 15 tutors in each priority cluster, that is Brno and Central Bohemia, by Ridván 2008. In order to help an ever increasing number of friends to serve as tutors two book 7 trainings are being organized in the Brno and South Bohemian clusters right now, and a national book 7 training will follow in winter 2008.

At the same time in almost each locality there are Ruhi courses 1 to 6 running and you can share your experience with them at the above mentioned web pages. Of course, such an important exchange of experience is not taking place solely in writing, but all tutors have an opportunity to make full use of regular meetings with their cluster coordinators to consult their success and challenges.

Also junior youth animators, who are gaining new experience with conducting their first junior youth groups, will have an opportunity to consult together and share their first impressions, success stories and requirements of this invaluable service at the first national animator meeting. The exact date and place will be announced in time.

You will no doubt be pleased – and some of you were already – by having Ruhi 4 in Czech. This means that of the main sequence of courses we already have in Czech books 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 and the Board is now preparing book 7, which will be published by Ridván 2008. Apart from these there is also a draft translation of the first in a series of books for junior youth called Breezes of Confirmation.

If during the process of making your personal plan of moving through the sequence of courses and contributing individually to the advancement and growth in your cluster you find yourself in need of assistance or encouragement from the Board, be it a consultation, training or materials, do not hesitate and write to srsv@bahai.cz or call your national coordinator Irena Zemanova at 607 237 210. We will be happy to assist you.

Dear friends, we would like to wish both you and us abundance of spiritual energy and Bahá’u’lláh’s blessings in the service to His Cause.

With love,
Your Board of the training institute